I woke up in the hospital.

Doctor:Miss Caren Johnsons, can you hear me?Miss Caren?

Me:Yes I can hear you, what’s going on with me and why am I here?

Doctor: Your neighbors said that you were running around and saying that you need help but when we got into your house,it was so clean and there was no sign of doom or gloom. But you did have an asthmatic attack but you’re ready to go back home now.

Me:No you don’t get it, I did experience doom and gloom,I am not crazy!

The doctor sedated me so that I could sleep. When I woke up, I saw someone sitting on my bed.I was still dizzy so I couldn’t see clearly.

Me:Who are you?

Leticia: Hello Caren. Aren’t you glad to see me?

Me:No,no, it can’t be! I killed you, I did , you aren’t real.

Leticia:I don’t want to look at you but if I must…

Leticia’s face was swollen and red and her tongue was purple like she was at the restaurant. I was still dizzy so when I tried to run away,I fell at the door of my ward.

Leticia: It’s like the old saying”One for all and all for one”Good bye old friend.