There are times in life where by one live like wild animal which is always on the run fearing for it life.

The hunter does not give up, no matter how fast is wild animal running, instead of giving up the hunter will come up with the plan to catch the pray. All the hunters have one thing in common, they all have a killing mind.

Looking back from where one comes from, it clearly shows that without God one could have died years ago.

It’s better to have an enemy that you don’t know than having an enemy that you know. What would be your reaction if you have a family enemy, maybe working colleague? A family mamber and work colleagues are the people who you spends most of time with, you can not runaway from them.

It’s better to just relax and stick to your lane, and keeps your eyes open. Most people tend to be naive when it comes to their family and work colleagues, they over trusting. Living a room for disappointment it’s helpful for one to not over stress when things turns around.

Two people I knew had witnessed being Poisoned at work, by God’s Grace they didn’t die. This thing of ugly heart does exist, people will hate you even though you did nothing to angered them.

Please be alert we are living like wild animals, people hate seeing us progressing in our lives. Love them all but trust no one.