I was glued to the silent ground when the sun had it moments on my black sweating skin. The trees that were far from my trembling body looked at me wailing as I was intoxicated by the pain that sang on my bleeding gums. My teeth played everywhere, and when I tried to rise my eyes fell on five guys that would always turn my world into a nightmare. Frightened, I shook my devastated tongue trying to tell them that I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was sorry for but I had to find a way to rescue myself from the wolves. Aggressively, Lungani the gang leader dragged me with my tiny ears and punched my innocent breasts million times. “You thought I’ll never get you! Huh?” he yelled frustrated.

“Oh no!” I begged with my exhausted soul, “If I have to leave my flesh now, please Lord refuse in this way,” then a kick followed by two heavy bricks fell on my drained head.

Another guy shouted.

“Let’s take off her clothes.”

“Dude! Yöu are right! Let’s enjoy ourselves.”

A touch fell violently on my so called golden part.

I sniffed heavily and everyone dug repeatedly, and they gave a bonus when my body became silent. They ran away and left my body on that innocent ground, and my soul headed to my deceased mother.