The world is nothing without teachers and it will never be something without them. Today, two of my favorite teachers miss Dube and Mrs Van Wyhe took some time and spoke to us about drugs. In nowadays, there are lots and lots of young children who have already started smoking, drinking alcohol, going to parties and not coming back home and not going to school for days. When us as teenagers get to schools, we think that we are at the right place to do all the wrong things that we are not supposed to do. We disrespect the teachers, we bully other children, we don’t do our work, we bunk classes and some even smoke dagga inside the school premises. Today, miss Dube and Mrs Van Wyhe spoke to us, they told us about the consequences of bad behavior, they told us that ” if you as a father, you’ve got a child that’s smoking, how will you be able to stop them from doing that when you are also doing the same thing?

miss Dube told us that no matter what happens, we shouldn’t run to drugs at all, she told us to stop rushing to do things that can still wait, she told us that us as girls, we shouldn’t allow to be played by boys because a boy will only love you with his eyes and not his heart and then at the end of the day, you as a girl will end up carrying a baby with your tummy and the boy will eventually run away and move on with his life. miss Dube said that each and everyone of us must have a story to tell when we have finally became whatever it is that we want to become saying that ” In order for me to be where I am today, I had to go through this and that”. What miss Dube and Mrs Van Wyhe said today built me both inside and outside, their words planted a precious seed inside of me that will forever grow into a very wonderful plant.

The world is nothing without teachers and it will never be something without them.

Thank you very much

miss Dube and Mrs Van Wyhe.

Our teachers, our future