A lot of people take weekends for drinking and grooving but let me tell you weekends is the best time to reavaluate yourself.


After a long week of work or school, Fridays is the best day to just shut everything off and just let your body function at its own pace. A perfect time to go out and try a new restaurant or stay indoors and have a movie night or what ever you feel like doing just to relax yourself.

I spend most Friday nights indoors watching a series or just YouTube videos. That’s how I end my week.


Perfect time for shopping or just doing a little self maintenance day, I love doing my hair and nails on Saturdays. Sitting at home on Saturdays may seem boring for some people but listen to this. Taking care of yourself and reinventing yourself without spending unnecessary money will pay of in the future. Spending money on alcohol is not gonna bring you anywhere and just laying at home doing nothing will also not bring you anywhere. Teach yourself self-discipline, do what you say you’re gonna do evens if you don’t feel like doing it. Another great thing to do is to go to the gym or do home workouts to work on your dream body.

I lost a lot of friends once I decided to quit drinking alcohol and yes sometimes I feel extremely lonely just being by myself but becoming the best you means that you have to isolate yourself and work out strategies that’ll work for you, to become your best self. You’ll definitely fail here and there but once your down there’s no other way than to rise and get up. There will be times when you run out of money and nobody will be able to help you financially but it’s okay you’ll learn how to help yourself.


The most important day of the week, a day for worshipping and doing some soul care. You won’t be able to live your best life without God in your life. I’m on a spiritual journey and I get confused a lot but I often listen you Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts to get me on the right path to connect more deeply with God. You’ll find her on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. I turned my ‘hot girl summer’ into a ‘holy, healed girl summer’ and I’m at my happiest. This is pure happiness and it’s all thanks to the man from above.

Sundays is also a great time to spend quality time with your family, bonding over a nice Sunday lunch that’s also some soul care. Praying helps and it truly does change your life and you’ll be more wholesome from within. Don’t worry about how your life looks from the outside, if you see changes than be happy about it, people will always try to get to you and all you can do about them is to pray for them.

Enjoy life and always put yourself and God first, never try to be like the rest and always stand out. You are loved and you matter. If you don’t have anyone to hype you up in life allow me to do it for you. YOU ARE THE BEST, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU DESERVE THE WORLD!!