To whom it may concern

One moment spent near you moves all my pain, a miracle is you, swiftly guiding and soothing me through potholes of life which you manage to cover up with your enchanting smile complimented by your angel eyes, a fantasy you seem to be.

In an unkind cold world, you manage to light up the room with every step you take. Takes everything including my breath away, a hurricane of love you are, propel me to heights to you, lose me in the moment of your warmth, remember me through your tears of joy.

Love me in your weakest moment. Keep me in your smile.

An angel of “love” must be you.

My soul’s inspiration, my sweetest inspiration a woman of colour and bravery you are. You’ve rescued me and brought out the best in me. My sensation, I love you now, but help me to love you forever cause everything in you is exactly as it should be, perfect.

I love you with a passion for eternity. But help me say I love you forever, my forever.

Let’s live life in paradise with a touch of fairytales and endless I love you’s.

My forever, I love you.