I wish I could rather do better or say something better, it doesn’t make much of a difference because you won’t come back to me. I’m so frustrated, damn I lost the only person who cared about me and on the other side i never stopped loving you. Ukukhuluma iqiniso, I yes, did fall in love but it was just a fling , there was an intuition in me that said the first one was the one. It is very paramount for me to say this, I’m sorry for playing games with your heart and your love. I know i was wrong I’m literally writing this and its 03:33am thinking about you. See on the first of April its your birthday, a day of happiness where you and me used to reminisce and laugh and be thankful to God for this day. It is a day where we used to come together and all mistakes were forgiven.

Wena uyibabazi lami who already forgives me in the orchestration of mistakes. You always put me first and I’m so grateful. I’m sorry my broken heart resorted to loving other hearts for comfort and i ended up not living up to our promise to one another. I’m sorry for listening to people who always made us fight , I’m what I’m today because loving you groomed me.

To Harmony.