In this world we live in there is a lot going on. Social media has been invading the lives of girl children in the world, including me. Allow me to tell you my story of triumph in the face of adversity.

My child upbringing was solitaire as I was raised by strict parents. I was never exposed to social discussions and understanding how to deal with people. As soon as I got the chance to communicate, my world broke down. Peers used to call me boring because I never related to anything they discussed. I was thick during that time and they never wanted to communicate with me because they said I was crowding their space. That’s where the insecurities were triggered.

Whenever I had to go out, even to the store, I had to make sure I was on my best outfit and looked like a fashion model, which didn’t work because they never noticed. I wore miniskirts which made me feel so uncomfortable but I didn’t mind because I wanted to fit in. I then decided to let the real me shine. It wasn’t easy because of judgement but I didn’t care.

Guess what? They envy my body now. I wear what I want, whenever I want to. My self confidence rose because I told myself that I am the queen of my kingdom and I am one of a kind.

Don’t let people break your soul. You matter you are special, regardless of who saying what. UMUHLE DARLI, BLACK OR WHITE , THIN OR THICK , SHORT OR TALL, DISABLED OR NOT. YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE AND YOU ARE PRETTY!