Please note: This is a fictional story
A number of people say love is real love is not real. The proof is my mother who was killed by my own father. So I ask myself why would my father kill my mother if he love her Why? They were married for 25 years
I still remember that night I heard a loud voice in the room. Imagine hearing your mother crying imagine hearing imbokondo crying. when I got into the room my mother was laying down on the floor my mind just vanished it was vanished by the amount of blood that was on the floor.

When I looked back at the table the was a knife I took the knife and stabbed my father 2 times, 4 times, 6 times. That night I realized that you can be rich for 16 years but that can change in 20 seconds. I was rich my parents were millionaires but now I live in poverty the is no love here the is no love on this earth forget about love. Love is not real