Teboho was a very flexible man, and he loved his job. The world was full of sorrow, there was a sound of television and Teboho shook his head for the news he heard. What surprised him was the bad news of Corona virus he heard on news bulletin. “It is estimated that Corona virus has killed 20,000 people. The disease is likely to be spread globally,” said the journalist. This made Teboho sad during the day. “Nthabiseng come here,” said Teboho calling his wife. “What’s the matter darling?” Nthabiseng came and sat on the sofa. Apparently there is a disease called Corona, this disease has killed thousands of people,” said Teboho. Nthabiseng was speechless. “My love this is a problem for us,” Nthabiseng was worried, she didn’t know what to do.

Teboho visited his friend Thato, they were playing chess; listening to music. “Do you know that the world is full of sorrow?” Teboho asked. “Stop beating around the bush, what are you talking about?” Thato asked back, surprised. “Man I watched the news yesterday, apparently there is a virus called Corona, this virus has killed people.” Thato was amazed. “What are you talking about, man?”

“Man I am telling you the truth, this virus is dangerous,” Teboho emphasized his point. Thato was shocked by the news he said. “Will we have peace on earth? My friend the earth has come to an end, do you remember HIV made chaos on earth?”

“I remember that very well my friend,” said Teboho.

“I am fed up with this virus,” said Thato. Thato stoop up and watched people going up and down on the street, thinking deeply. “Don’t think too deep my friend, this pandemic will pass,” Teboho stood up with him and comforted him.

“I wonder the world will find peace?”

“Man, the world will find peace.” These two friends were confused. “My friend, the virus is very contagious, and we must always wash our hands and not to touch each other,” Teboho said. Thato was shocked by the news. “So I can’t touch my wife?”

“This is obvious my friend,” said Teboho calmly.

It had been a month since the president put the country to lockdown, and people lost their jobs. There was a great poverty in the country. Nthabiseng opened the cupboard, only to find the salt and one egg. “Teboho this hunger will make us suffer, this virus caused us problems,” said Nthabiseng.

“Everything is going to be alright my love, we will get a job,” said Teboho facing his wife with sadness. Nthabiseng sat down and took a deep breath. “Let’s have hope, this issue requires us to come up with a plan,” said Nthabiseng.

“You are right, we need to come up with a plan, we can’t suffer from hunger.” Hunger is the greatest enemy of people. Some people make risky decisions to fight poverty.

“I think I need to meet with Thato and make a plan,” Nthabiseng was relieved.

“Please my husband, talk to Thato and come up with a plan.”

“Don’t stress yourself,” said Teboho, headed to the door. “Where are you going?” Nthabiseng asked. “I’m going to settle this mess,” said Teboho as he walked out.

Teboho visited Thato early in the morning. “Friend, it’s me,” said Teboho. Thato quickly opened the door to hear what was happening. “Man, what is happening?” Thato was surprised.

“We have to overcome this hunger, this Corona has caused us trouble,” said Teboho as he sat down.

“I have noticed that the country is full of poverty, I am so stressed,” said Thato. These two young men came up with a plan. “Look my friend, drugs makes money,” said Teboho, trying his luck. “Do you want us to sell drugs?” Thato winked.

“I’m sure Thato, we’re not going to suffer from hunger,” Teboho added. “I don’t want the police to chase me, my friend.”

“Thato, don’t worry man,” said Teboho. “Do you know the police well? They’re going to come here and arrest us,” said Thato. “Listen man, calm down and listen carefully. The police can’t find us, you want to starve?” This question made Thato to consider. Thato agreed with Teboho and they agreed to meet and collect marijuana. “We have to get guns, this job is dangerous,” said Teboho. “No man, this is a bad idea.”

“Man, don’t worry, when the police shoot, what are we going to do?” This question made Thato to consider. “Okay, we’ll get them.” The mission was well-planned.

Teboho and Thato met with the supplier, where they filled their bakkie with marijuana bags and they covered those bags. “Thank you king,” said Teboho, thanking the marijuana supplier. Teboho started the car and they headed on the N8 road. “The poverty is over, my friend,” said Teboho, whistling. “We rule the world friend.” On their way, police officer stopped them at roadblock. “Hand me a driver’s license,” said Sergeant Dlamini. Thato was very scared.

“Here is the licence sir,” said Teboho as he handed over the driver’s licence. “Sir, open at the back, I want to search the bakkie.” When Sergeant Dlamini said that, Thato panicked, he was sweating. “Don’t worry officer, it’s the chickens in the bakkie,” said Teboho. “Sir, I’m doing my job here, get off and open it for me.” Teboho’s hand grabbed the gear lever.

“Like I said sir, I won’t lie to you.” When Teboho had finished speaking, he quickly put reverse gear and he reverse the bakkie at a high speed and turned the car. The car faced South and Teboho drove roughly. Some policemen got into their vehicles to chase him. Thato fastened his seat belt. “Teboho don’t speed, you will kill me,” shouted thato. The police chased Them. Police vehicles wailed sirens during chasing. Teboho pulled up a handbrake, the bakkie turned backward and faced police vehicles, the police stopped.

“I won’t be chased by this morons, this is our wealth friend,” said Teboho reviving the engine, the car was still idling. “Thato cock the gun,” said Teboho. “I’m going to die away from home,” said Thato, shaking voice.

“Tremble and pass the test of fear you stupid!” Teboho was annoyed. “Get off the car, cooperate with us,” said Sergeant Dlamini through the loudspeaker. “Thato, we are not gettig off the car,” said Teboho as he grabbed gear lever again. “We’re just giving you a few seconds,” said Sergeant Dlamini, cocking the gun. “Guys I suspect this bakkie has something suspicious, we have to get ready,” said Sergeant Dlamini. Teboho fired the gun in the air and reversed south and he turned the car, put first gear and hit the road. Police officers fired guns several times to the car, and they chased him again. The bullets strayed like rain, Thato appeared through the car window and fired at police, the bullet hit the headlight of the police car and destroyed it. “Guys! These people are dangerous,” said Sergeant Dlamini angrily. Constable Mabote shot Teboho’s car tire.

“Oh my God we’re dying, Teboho stop this car,” Thato cried. The vehicle lost the control and crashed at the corn field, they got off and fled, leaving the bakkie idling, covered by corn. Sergeant Dlamini stopped by the car and they found bags of marijuana. “I knew it, this is the marijuana bags,” said Sergeant Dlamini. Some policemen entered at a corn field. “Man, let’s run and they won’t find us,” said Thato. The police searched them overnight. Teboho and Thato ran away.

The sun rose in the morning, the police found out who the owners of the car, Teboho acted stupidly while fleeing from the police, he left his driver’s license with Sergeant Dlamini. The police woke them up in the morning and they arrested them.