She’s the one that everyone depends on, the woman that always appears to get it all done with ease.

She conquers her days, helps all her people – all with a smile on her face and a pep in her step.

She doesn’t ask for help, falter or ever slow down.

But what the others never seem to notice is that she has her moments, too…

When she’s tired of being the strong one, always carrying the load and being there for everyone else.

She lays in bed at night more times than not, thinking more than she’s sleeping, wondering how she’s going to get it all done.

But that’s the beautiful thing about this strong woman- she always finds a way.

Yet, her soul is weary and her heart is bone tired at times, and she just wishes she could fall into someone else’s arms and just be..and rest.

She loves her life and being the strong one, but sometimes, she just doesn’t want to be the one that everyone else looks to…

To solve their problems, to lift them up, to help them get things done.

She didn’t choose her life,

It chose her.

Failure after heartbreak, disaster after disappointment, she forged her strength from the lessons she learned and in the fires of her struggles.

As she lies in bed staring at the ceiling, a solitary tear creeps down her cheek.

There’s such emotion and raw feelings woven into that solitary drop rolling down her cheek-

Anxiety, worry, concern, care..all the sentiments that she’s learned to channel into courage, bravery and strength that makes her unstoppable.

She was never given a choice, and she’s okay with that.

But sometimes, she wishes she could rest her weary soul..

That’s when the thoughts of the beautiful parts of her life flood into her mind and she smiles,

Wiping the tear away.

She wouldn’t trade her life for anything, because there’s so much love and joy in her days.

Maybe they don’t notice when she falters and perhaps no one sees when she tired..

But they don’t have to.

Her warrior heart and fighting spirit keep her pushing forward.

She’ll rest later.

Today, like all the other days..

She’ll be unstoppable.