You are the brightest, the most valuable light in your own room. Never feel like you are not shining enough in anyone’s space. Never feel like your light is dimmed in comparisons. Learn to appreciate your worth, learn to believe in yourself and everything else that you are. Because the power of the belief you have in yourself gives a great manifestation to confidence and peace within you.
You are a different kind of light, remember exactly how the sun shines? How the moon shines? The value of the sun is mighty as much as that of the moon because both their role ignites our lives. We can never imagine a day without the sun nor will we assume a night as a perfect night without the moon. It’s value is recognized, and both their presence gives our mind a blow and our bodies a low with Outmost slack of the world’s depression. 
Can we then again hark back to the power of electricity during the night, with light bulbs highlighting the brightest to the dimmest, and it’s failure when we are forced to recall the 19th century. Being forced to put on the candles, never will you find it useless course it’s presence helps you navigate.
With the above scenarios , it is just an emphasis on how it is only important to look at your value with no comparison. You are the world’s important star, embrace it. Learn to Embrace your thoughts and capabilities, never allow anyone’s opinion to lower your self esteem.
Books are written, so are articles and journals; what wisdom do you think they got to spread over the words on a hard cover, that it makes you feel less of a person in comparison. That it makes you feel degraded enough to allow being programmed without giving an idea of a person a fair argument? They’ve all been confident enough to believe in themselves and their thoughts.
Confidence drives us to deepest positive depth of our being, it gives us the spirit of persistence, acceptance with the nature of the world and a sense of joy within yourself. Thus grab it while you still can, it is the least you can do to move your life to the perfect direction to your destination.
NEVER feel afraid to challenge your thoughts, learn to put your thoughts up for a challenge. Live through them with confidence and then I am telling you, that will be then when you’ll learn to live by your instincts. You’ll start realizing how powerful they actually are in giving you directives.
Learn to be yourself, without expecting anyone else to define you. Because the best definition of “you” that you will ever get it is from you and “only you”. There is nobody at all who knows yourself more than you do. Thus do the best you can with the definition you know yourself as. We all have positive attributes, talents, skills and gifts. Negativity that most of the times dominates our lives comes from the world. And only when we allow the world to dribble us, only when we decide not to fight back.
Negativity is a dark cloud moving around the world like a hungry lion in a jungle full of sheep ready to feed; it only needs you to wisen up. You have Outmost wisdom in you, use it, Be wise enough to let positivity to dominate inside of you. Course you are what you want to be and what you whisper to yourself.
You are beautiful, you are wonderfully made, you are purposeful, you are precious and victorious. Let all of that come out of you, as you live. Be the “you” , that inspires another, the same way you are inspired by others.
#Ignite your light