Act 6 Scene 1

(At John house, family eat supper)

Micky:(asking with suprise)Daddy you look unhappy today why?

John:(prentendly)Oh!I am okay baby,I am just enjoying delicious food mommy is serving us.

Micky: (speaking with food full in mouth)Hmmm,yes they are delicious,mommy is a good chef.

John:Yes always my baby that’s why I choose to married her among other girl.

Micky: but mommy you keep quiet when we compliment you,it’s like you are not happy.

Suzie:No,no my baby I am also enjoying the food so I don’t want to be disturbed and thank you my people.

Micky: but both of you today look unhappy and quite since we join table of supper. and I don’t know the anything bad happen today from your work.Again I didn’t see Auntie and gardener today ,their room is still locked,Did you guys fired them or they runaway.lets call police now to report missing people.

Suzie:Hey Micky stop questioning us so many questions like a lawyer.Please finished your food and bring those dishes I wanna dish .

Micky:Mommy are sure you wanna dish the dishes,since when you do this job,where is Auntie?

Suzie:I am the wife of this house ,I am responsible to cook,wash the clothes ,clean and do dish for my family,I gave Auntie off today.Micky you better go to your bedroom I need to talk to your father private.

Micky:but mommy I am not yet finished you can also talk to him while you are sleeping in your bedroom .

Suzie:you supposed not to finished Micky because you keep talking and asking unnecessary questions.

John:Yes Micky was right we can talk in the bedroom.

Suzie:you agree with that child John me not I need to talk to you now right here.

Micky:okay mommy thank you with a delicious supper and goodnight my parents and still love you and please don’t fight each other.

John and Suzie:(together) goodnight girl and love you too.

(She left her parents to her room)

Suzie :John tell me what kind of person or man are you?

John:I am normal and good as you know me I am your husband.

Suzie:(start to cry)if are good not a dog John why did something like this to me.Am I not good for you,why you cheat on me with that street kid,am I not satisfied you, what’s wrong with you, atleast if have inform me before so that I can check what’s my problem and rectify it.

John:nothing my baby you are still my queen,my wife and I love you.

Suzie:(still crying)but why you chose to do this infront of my disrespect me ,kill me alive,are you enough about me John,you hate me in such a way you want me to die with heart.

John:(with trembling voice)I am sorry baby ,please forgive me.

Suzie:(crying)no need to babymise and apologize to me is too late.stop coming closer to me I hate your are dog,snake John,why are so cruel to that child.previous you act as if you are defending and care about that child on other side you abusing are the one who always stand on her side and advise me not to be hush on are devil, chameleon,you have to rot in jail,you break the law,you are dangerous to the community.

John:baby I know I did wrong and I know you are social worker,please don’t be so hard to me,I am your family ,your husband.

Suzie:I hate to see you sleeping in this house today,me and my daughter not safe.i call police now.and Tommorow when I go fetch that bitch wife of yours,I don’t want to see both of you talking and seeing each other.this is so painful you did to hurts a lot.

ACT 6 Scene 2

(The following day at jail)

John:(crying behind the bars)please my baby this place is not good for human being, someone like me.i missed my bed,my mink blanket,this is a hell place.

Suzie:yes you are right this place is not for human beings .I agree with you 100%.only devil belong here, snake,wild animals which are dangerous to our community.john you no longer an human being,you are here by mistake but by your actions,your files are dirty, you deserve to be here.

John:please my love .I have been here for one night but it’s like a year please bail me.i missed my daughter,she will be disturbed once she found or hear her father was in jail .you know how much she loves me,the bond that I have with her.

Suzie:she will be so strong and enjoy understand her father is devil,time is over I need to go.

John: please Suzie my wife,I swear I don’t know how this happened,maybe evil spirit came inside me just to destroy my dignity, personality and my life.please do not be so hard to me.i know you very well you have forgiveness.

Suzie:yes I forgive you not to bail you but I hope I came here to see you for the last time and say goodbye and enjoy your new home build it yourself for years.i am leaving now to fetch the wife to be yours from hospital.

John: (shouting)where did you bring that bustard to not in my house.

Suzie:I am going to stay with her in your house,in your bedroom because we are both your wife.we live to share you and everything that belongs to you.

John:baby I don’t need babies in my room please Micky is a gal now.

Suzie: that new born isn’t your blood,that wife isn’t yours,the one you sleep with on my bedroom suite?

John:baby your words are so hurting does not match with you.

Suzie:they are same as your action to my heart.before I leave I am to tell you that I am going to adopt that child of yours so that he can live a healthy and wealthy life and enjoy to grow in his father house together with his sister.he deserve a better life even his father absence.auntie and Gardner will be my warm family,no longer maids,they didn’t break my heart like you did.bye bye enjoy the place.

(She left him fighting and crying with bars and prison order push him to the cell)

John:(crying alone) truly this woman left me like this .I don’t believe it’s me who are behind the come I did such bad thing to so many children,am I driven by demons.what pushes me to this,I was so blind or lost of mind.i need answers of all questions,how stupid I dissapoint my wife,I am educated, professional,Christian but look where I am today.just to treat others who are poor in such bad and cruel way.i am rich I used my power of money to destroy the poorness.this is revenge God is punishing me.i deserve to be here like Suzie said.i hope and wish other man outside there not to fall in this pit I am into now.i pray for them to take care of every angels like their daughter and princess not their wife.lets not destroy our Tommorow leaders and wife of our son.

ACT 6 Scene 3

(At Suzie house ,she is serving supper )

Suzie: gardener and auntie I am inviting you to this supper because I want to tell you something so relax and feel free,you are welcome this is home.

Micky: it’s my first time to eat supper with maids but you look nervous my mommy said you are welcome,it’s home feel free and enjoy your meals.

Suzie: Micky it’s like you are talking to much,this people are older than you,you need to respect them, they are brother and sister.

Micky: since when mommy they are my brother’s and sisters,you have said only aunties baby is my little brother.i mean my dad only son.

Suzie:you better shut up before you annoy me micky.i am the one who need to talk about that not you.i am the only wife in this house.

Micky:I know mommy and I am sorry.

Suzie:it your food is getting cold,this child is annoying.

Micky:yes mommy let me brother and sister already finished before me.

Suzie: Auntie leave those dish I will dishes them,go check the baby is sleeping and fetch him as from tomorrow three of you are going to eat and sleep in this house.

Auntie:but madam I am ok in my room with my son,I am afraid the boy will cry at night make you noise and disturb your sleep.

Gardener:me too mum ,I enjoy to stay outside,I don’t want to disturb you mum and I thank for the opportunity.

Suzie:I call you for this supper just to tell you ,we are family more calling me mum.i am your sister and you are uncle of my more maids and guards.we are one thing.i am going to change my son name to be Tshwarelo which mean I forgive you and you also forgiven me of being so rude to you is not your mistake ,your choice to be like this.i want to teach you a free lesson of life all of you.(cries a little) don’t allow money to change your personality towards poor or needy people as did towards you good people.i have learnt that we are all human being .we inhale and exhale same doesn’t mean because I have money,I inhale better air with a flavour of mint than you people.what is important life is not valuable.we all need it you can’t buy a life.,we are going to walk one way to death no matter you have money or what.

Auntie:Oh!I am so disappointed to what I did to you and I am sorry.i am happy to forgive me ,I have done you wrong, people like you are few and needed on this earth.God bless you for me and others

(Auntie did go fetch the baby ,they started life together for long time with happiness, Suzie care and raised the child as it was his son and grandson.the boy grow up in this house seeing a happy family together until he get to school and finished matric.tourism was his passion .he visited so many countries and cities,oneday he wish to visit was touchy topic and trip to organise and discuss to his uncle and her mother.before they agree to him to visit Lesotho,they were fost to tell him about their real was so hurt but the boy want to go and pay a visit.the trip was organised for all of the family ,they bought flowers to put at their parents premises to pay tribute to their parents and shows rememberness and love.)