I believe that anyone can accomplish their goals if it is realistic and you are willing to put in hard work. When I was in grade eleven, my goal was to complete my senior year. At the time I was economically not in a good state. Our electricity was cut, my school uniform was in bad condition and I had to travel by train. I had put my focus on my goal, my senior certificate. The goal was realistic for I was two years from completing high school and my hard work was to study at night by candlelight. Going through the emotion’s of classmates making fun of my shoes that were stitched and a jersey that was dragging my upper body down, I had decided to stay focused. Obviously, life will throw you around at some point, but how you respond to it will determine the outcome. Believing is very important but perseverance is the key to success.

After you had established a realistic goal, put a time frame to it. A time you start and an expiration date for completion. When it reaches maturity and you are not where you want to be. Then you can change your goal or extend the time frame. Why I’m saying this is because some of us have more than one talent. And sometimes we need to go through experiences to prepare us for when our goals kick off.

What seems difficult at the beginning of your project is actually simple if you manage it with time management, orientation, discipline and balancing life.