It was on Monday it was very cold like never before when I meet the love of my life. He was tall, black but cute. I love him. He then talks to me I mean on the loving ways fortunatlly ohh I loved him ….we fell for each other
It passed 2 to 3 months our relationship starts falling apart we break up after break up…. I started to feel like I was forcing things I decide to break up with him for good…and he agrees
After 3 months I meet this guy I lied to him and tells him I was a lesbian…I don’t know what he felt he loved me with my stuation…we dated for 3 yrs even now we are dating …but it is a long-distance relationship
While we are still on the 3rd yrs months I fell for another another guy….I dated that guy ….with all my heart but still dating that other guy…i love the both
After a year I fell again for that first guy I meet … I feeling loving 3 patner at the same time…but I don’t trust them all coz I don’t know the real one the one who will fulfill my future wishes ….only God knows