“All I am, or can be, I owe to my angel mother”, Abraham Lincoln. My Mother, SANOONTU is my Queen, which I obey her rules. She inspires me the most to have such a pure loving and caring heart of hers. Well like every mother to her children, she can be very strict sometimes.

My Mother is the most amazing person in the whole wide world whom I trust the most. She is a bank where I deposit my hurts and worries and withdraw all the happiness and joy. My shoulder to cry on in the difficult times. My Mother has a jewel and gold inside her heart which always shine towards her children. She is so beautiful with her cute black eyes and her silvery voice of an angel. I love her because she loves me too, I need her because no one in this world can make feel safe with them besides her, my warrior. Her love for me is travelling with blood in the veins to my heart and I can feel the warmth and love for her too. There are a lot of sacrifices she did and still do for me which makes me love her more. She raised and nurtured me with LOVE, WISDOM and RESPECT.

Having a mother like mine is a key to happiness and I’m grateful for that. Thanks God for bringing an angel in this world for me as you did for others too.MY MOTHER,MY QUEEN, MY WORLD.