My name is Phello I am 28 years old and I got married to my husband at the early age of 16 years. I was in love with my husband until he cheated on me.
By that time I was pregnant and my husband was busy with his side chick.l never got support from my husband since we found out that I’m pregnant. I thought he would be so happy since it was my first pregnancy.
I decided to go back home because I was six months pregnant. I stayed home until I gave birth. My lovey God blessed me with two beautiful girls. I named them Siphumze and Siphumeze. What hurts me is that my daughters know nothing about their dad.
That guy badly hurt me because I disappointed my parents because I was blinded by love. Yet I regret my decisions. My parents wanted me to went to school but I didn’t because of the false love and empty promises.
I regret that I didn’t honor their wishes and my wishes too.