03 October 2022

There are only three days left before the examination. I am scared and stressed, and I also have a headache. I do not know if I have read enough or what. I read and read, but the reading is endless. When I put my book down, everything I read disappears. I pick up my book and start reading again.

When I put my book down again, I try to remember what I read, but nothing pops in. I pick it up and start reading AGAIN! It is a process that never ends.

“STOP! You will never pass the examination!” shouted the monster in my head.

“I will!” I shouted back.” I know I will pass,” I added.

I started reading again but did not focus like before this time.

“STOP! STOP!” continued the monster. The monster said endless STOPs! I tried to avoid it, but I could not. I covered my ears, but it did not help me.

04 October 2022

There are only two days left before the examination. I just finished doing my home chores. I take out a glass in the cupboard, open the fridge and take out a glass jug with cold water. Finally, I poured the water into the glass. Then I return the glass jug to the fridge and close the door. I head upstairs, enter my bedroom and place the glass of water on top of my drawer. Then, I collapse in my bed and open my book, hoping the monster will not appear again.

My endless process begins. I read and read, but everything disappears when I close my book.

“STOP! I told you that you will not pass!” insisted the invisible monster.

“No! You stop!” I reply. “I will pass,” I add certainly.

I open my book and read and read. After some time, I close it. Everything that I read disappears.

“HA HA HA HAAAA!” laughed the monster devilishly.

I try not to listen to it and reopen my book to read more.

The monster did not stop laughing. It laughed AND laughed. I continue to read. The laughing got louder and louder. I covered my ears, but I still heard it.

“Stop! Stop,” I shouted and kicked and rolled on the bed. The kicking and rolling lasted for a few minutes. I climbed off my bed, picked up the water glass, and drank. The invisible monster stopped laughing.

05 October 2022

Today is the day before the exam. I need to read hard, and I also have to ignore the irritating monster. Today my mother is home; she did all the home chores. As always, I am in my room reading. I read and read. I closed my book and tried to remember what I had read but could not.

“The endless process has begun”, I thought to myself. But I did not give up; I could not do that. Tomorrow is the day. The process went over and over again nonstop.

“STOP! You will not pass the exam,” said the monster.

“I will pass the exam,” I protested.

“Just give up,” the monster insisted.

“No! You are the one who should GIVE UP!” I said.” I will pass whether you like it or not,” I continued.

“Tomorrow is the day; we will see who wins,” said the monster in an evil voice.

“Yes, we will”, I proudly said.

So I continued reading. As you know, the process began again. The monster was in my head, humming in an evil sound, “Mmmmmmm.”

“Why do you not go away?” I asked the monster angrily.

The monster did not answer me. Instead, he continued his irritating humming. But that did stop me from reading.

06 October 2022

Today is the day of the examination, I feel worse than I felt the past three days. Today my stomach growls, and my head spins. I try not to remember my endless process. Oh no!

I almost forget about the monster. If the beast comes back, then I am dead. I can not even speak properly; I mutter instead. My whole body is shaking like jelly.

I enter the examination room, sit down and wait for the teacher. The teacher enters the examination room holding the question papers. She started to hand out the papers.

My head started to spin faster and faster. My body now shakes like an earthquake. I felt like I am going to urinate. But thank God I did not do that. Every time I read the questions, their answers popped into my head. I started to relax, and I wrote and wrote. The endless process is over.

“I have WON!” I whispered to my Imaginary exam MONSTER! But it did not answer me. It no longer had a voice. After all, I knew I had passed the exam.