I don’t even know where to start; how do I put it in words? If I come to think about it. There is no amount of words that could express the feelings and the importance of this special particular being. Where do I start?

Words would come flouting if I cared less but can’t seem to stop the debate between my heart and brain into deciding.
I have never experienced such splashes of emotions it is really overwhelming. When I say my better half am referring to a particular being that is my life that stole my heart and swept me off my feet with pure love and charm
 What do I mean by my better half

 Let me enlighten you, I am talking about an honest man, trustworthy, a man with dignity, a man with ethics and principles. A man that sets boundaries that protects the one in their circle. I speak on behalf of a man who worships the ground I walk on a man that can stand tall, with his head held up height and his chest boost fully out and declare, shout my name and proudly say, I am taken. A man that you look deep in his eyes, they filled with love and immediately you see the bigger picture, a handsome man with a golden heart a go getter, my companion, my partner in crime, great personality and a male version of me. Someone who finishes my sentences a man that is goal driven, who believes in a give and take, I am speaking on behalf of my better half, someone reliable with a good sense of humor. I am talking about my night and shining amour, my protector, my best friend, my lover and my husband the father of my unborn children. A family oriented man who fought against all odds to be with me, a dignified man.
I have never prayed about any man in my life to the creator or beg him to please grant him with eternity, I shall never love any man besides him, I shall never desire any man on our planet earth. He was made for me and I was made for him period!. No one can ever tell me otherwise I have never been surer he is the one I want to spend the rest my life with, I want success yes but without him it is meaningless I would be like a headless chicken running around. I love him from the depths of my heart to the center core of my heart it is only him and no one else and the can never be 
I can not imagine how miserable my life would be without him I am good as dead infact it is the unthinkable, what I feel for him is more than love, I have searched everywhere what is it that I am feeling, the is no diagnosis for it. The is no amount of words or science that can capture to try and explain my feelings for him, not in this planet we live on, because if I would explain I would get every human being confused into explaining my feelings I have for him. 
But just to put everyone in the clear I decided to go with the common trendy word “love” just three letters even though it is really not it but just to put everyone in the clear. He is my happy place, my comfort, my imperfect man with a shaky past but his imperfections makes him perfect for me, you know why.. Because no human being understand perfection and I happened to be one too