My evil brother is the worst he is always next to me pestering me always.
One day my brother and I Were going on a trip to Mauritius but my evil brother had to ruin the best day of my life.
He took all of our money we were going to use for transport The night before the trip and decided to keep it with him and then we argued a lot until we decided to each keep the money but my brother said: “No I am keeping all of our money and that’s final”. He tried taking it from me but luckily I had a tight grip on the money. The money eventually got torn into two pieces.
The money’s amount was R55 000 but only R200 got torn and I was relieved that the rest was safe until my brother took the jar full of our trip money and burnt it. I fought with my brother, I kicked him , punched him ,I slapped him but it all went in vein as I couldn’t stop him . He was at a big advantage because he was more muscular built than me. And then he pounded me NON STOP.
He then stopped and I told him that i wished he was never my brother and that we should go our separate ways and never speak to each other ever again. He then packed his bags and left and never saw him ever again. I then regretted my decision for him to leave but had no luck in finding him.
I learnt a valuable lesson that day:
you should never hate your family or hold a grudge but should just talk it out and get to the problem without any anger or violence
By : MFK Aka @Smallboy_129