I told my mom, “please mom dish me a gargantuan food,I want to be full like a foolest.I want to eat a ful meal on my plate, I wanna eat three dishes of this meal and pump my stomach and go around.”

I said, ‘When you give me a full meal, I will tell you my fairytale that l heard by my friend, I will remove my t shirt just to be free.”
Full stomach but empty-minded – I know that I will become a laughing stock when l am saying these words.

I know that someone will laugh at me and say, ” You think like a fool, all you think about is food ,why don’t you think about seeking for a job? Maybe think about the money that bought that food you talked about, stupid boy.”

Then finally I found the one who thought that l am a fool or stupid ..haha.!!! You are stupid, you thought soo wrong when you said I am a fool, I was fooling you.

Its called a Mindset. Sometimes you gotta play the fool for those who think you are a fool , fool to fool you with crazy words you’re saying.

It Mindset that lets you play with foolish words in front of your enemies , it’s the easiest way to see who exactly is holding you back and doesn’t want to see you grow.

Its Mindset,so everyone in that house thought I’m stupid or fool ,…haha..! What a Wow; people.

It Mindset, I know somebody or all of them thought I am stupid, that I think like a fool but they don’t know I’m a seed ,I’ve buried a stick under the soil, my silence doesn’t mean  l’m stupid, but I do have a dream, I’m a dreamer too ,watch out I got this magic ,I will surprise you.

They saw me sitting l isolated, they thought they can describe my mind, .. sarcastic.  Hopefully they thought they saw what l’ve been thinking , when I was seated alone .

Mind you, I’ve been fooling you guys , I know what I can do, I will show you what I’m capable of doing… you guys thought you know me .., sorry.

Fix your mind ,your mindset now ,I’m not a teacher but am teaching you guys: do not judge a book by its cover, don’t think introverted people are foolish or stupid when they sit alone ,they are creative in mind, they can qualify in acting or even at work .
They can fit everywhere you thought they won’t be needed .