Men should cry!

I grew up in a society that was and is still in the beliefs of the apartheid or rather olden days, where the male gender was known to be the strongest and was taught to believe that crying is for the weak, the faint-hearted, and the too fragile in this case my gender, the female gender.

Men accumulated with that mentality and it ruined them for them and everyone else around them, they bottled up too many things in the name of appearing as the strongest people to ever exist, they turned to abusers, rapists, and control freaks all because of being told not to cry. It is difficult and may seem disrespectful to say this but our ancestors failed us when it comes to men’s mental health. I believe that they should have created a safer space for the so-called “strong men” to cry at home, talk about how they feel without being judged or misinterpreted.

It is high time we break this generational curse and allow men to be vulnerable and cry, to assure them that crying is for everyone and is not labeled, they should be made aware that their mental health is also as important as that of women. We should practice gender equality not only when it comes to employment opportunities and positions but moreover in mental health situations that damage the lives of those who grew up being told that crying is for specific people.