Although the first expression we learned when we were brought into this world is love through our family members, when we grow up, we get the freedom of choosing who to love according to how they interact with us. However, we don’t always receive the love we expect from others or even the same amount we give to others. Sometimes we offer more and receive less or nothing at all. Sometimes we give nothing and receive much love that we don’t even appreciate; it’s reality.

The majority of people who commit suicide are pushed by others’ hate. Because they couldn’t receive someone else’s love, they think life is not worth living. I think a lot of people dies premature death because they depend on others to be happy; they forget that God brought us into this world for a purpose, and each one of us has something better to do; one of them is being the light of this world. But most of us never let that light shine.

Well, I believe that it’s never too late for anything and that whoever is going through self-hate right now just because someone didn’t approve of them being part of their lives loves themselves better. Love yourself better and become free indeed. Love yourself better and open doors that you think will remain shut forever; love yourself better and live stress-free. Because when you love yourself better, you decide and do what’s best for you; you don’t care who’s there and who’s not. Because you have all the strength, you need.

Yes, I know that even the strongest people need someone to lean on, but self-love is more important or rather, lean on God because he can never trick you or pretend. It is said that even blood is no longer thicker. That means you can’t trust anyone but yourself, and to trust yourself, you need to love yourself accordingly and better. Love yourself better and unlock everything that is locked in your life. Set yourself free. You were not born to be a prisoner of others. You were born to reach heights beyond measure but all you need is Love from yourself to realise your purpose and the intentions of God about your precious life.

You are enough, you are beautiful, and the entire portion of love you need is within yourself, don’t let others bully you into killing yourself; your life matters; otherwise, you wouldn’t even exist. If others make you feel less needed, all you need is yourself. If they make you feel worthless, you are worthy of your love and if they make you feel unloved. LOVE YOURSELF BETTER.