As a country we surely love sports more specially football, however it looks like we don’t know the path we have to take to improve the game we love most.

For years now our countrys national football teams are failing to produce proper outcomes in the sport, you can actually say we’ve tried almost the whole lot to ensure our national football teams start winning, I suggest we’ve tried the whole thing, speaking of changing coaches, looking to stability up our squads by mixing new blood and experienced players and other things.

I am of the view that the problems we’re encountering begins in the bottom, but we appear to be afflicted with fixing challenges at the top. 

In other nations who are definitely doing right in football sport, they’ve soccer academies where youth’s are taught deep technics of the soccer game from young age, and when growing up they grow up with football philosophy of the specific country. But a million dollar question is; Malawi has executed sufficient in the football academy sector? 

There changed into a time while we had Surestream Academy in Blantyre, it changed into an excellent soccer mission, I mean all of us noticed how those boys were showing a high fine passing soccer, for folks who watched the Surestream Academy can agree with me that, the Enerst Tambe’s, Trevor Kalema’s, Isaac Mwale’s, Brighton Munthali’s just to say some had been actually the future of Malawian soccer.

That time Malawi’s philosophy became a passing football, Coach for Surestream Academy Peter Mponda and his Co’s then planted the seeds of passing football inside the boys and it became working, I can with a bit of luck say that Surestream Academy became the future of Malawian soccer.

But wait, where’s the future of Malawian soccer we had in Surestream Academy? As a country did we make use of the academy to the fullest? Hell no! I suggest of whole Surestream Academy group is handiest goalkeeper Brighton Munthali who is in Malawi National Football Team Squard, this means that the whole Surestream task become a waste. I recognize that the Academy had some serious problems that brought about disbandment, however nonetheless as a country we should have some thing to keep the lads for the destiny.

As a nation we need to study from different international locations on how they manipulate soccer academies in order that it can be effective for their respective countries, I am not geared up to look every other Academy being underneath utilized inside the near destiny.

Malawi inside the final 10 years has failed use the presence of Super League groups reserves for the development of the game, I am satisfied with what FCB Nyasa Big Bullets has been doing with their reserve team, they’ve been making an investment a number of assets in the reserve, and all of us is witnessing the consequences of Enos Chatama’s side. I imply the reserve group has produced players like Chimwemwe Idana, Hassan Kajoke, Charles Petro, Patrick Mwaungulu, Frank Willard, Nickson Nyasulu simply to say a few, the mentioned players have been instrumental in assisting Nyasa Big Bullets main team win Super League titles, and many are actually assisting the National team. 

FCB Nyasa Big Bullets Reserve is a success no longer only for Maule family but for the nation.

I am of the view that other Super League teams have to borrow leaf from Bullets on how they’re managing and making an investment in their reserve teams, I must additionally commend Football Association of Malawi and Super League of Malawi (SULOM) for installing the policy that forces all Super League teams to have reserve aspects. 

If all teams begin producing stars just like the way Bullets is doing, I am telling you this Malawian football can start making some strides.

The different thing that has been killing our football game is lack of endurance, I apprehend it’s miles hard to be affected person while our national team is dropping every single sport, however howdy! Rome was no longer constructed in a unmarried day, to build a great team takes time and a number of resources, as a country we’ve a number of troubles that can not be be fixed simplest by FAM president or National team instruct, our soccer troubles wishes a collaborative effort to deal with them, but we placed all our gear down as humans and looking forward to FAM president and Malawi National team instruct to fix the them for us. 

All I am attempting to mention is; we want to undergo a rebuilding procedure, to repair all of the demanding situations, if the Football Association leaders are not fit for the rebuilding manner allow’s recall flushing them all out and produce in new abled faces which could trade our sport undoubtedly.

The new faces ought to accept time to supply, it’s not that easy to rebuild, due to the fact our football device has rubles that desires to be wiped clean, therefore the brand new faces need to receive time to clean the rubles and then deliver, as citizens of this country all we can want to do is to assist the brand new machine and being affected person and trusting the technique.

I understand that these days football is in the young bloods, speakme of Kylian Mbape’s, Bukayo Saka’s, Vinicius Juniors, and Earing Halaand who’re young by age however they are doing exact inside the football sport across the globe, however critically Malawi desires a right transition system for the players, we want to peer gamers starting from beneath-14 National team and grade by grade cluising to primary national team.

From under-14 National crew the gamers ought to gain knowledge of the countrys football philosophy and they should develop with that philosophy, the country needs abled Technical Director who may be coordinating with all National Football Teams speakme of under 14, 18, 20, 23 and of route the principle team.

The Technical Director need to be ensuring that during all the ones teams one philosophy should be used, and players are transitioning as a result, we do not want to be seeing a 18 year player being featured into senior national team and if he fails to deliver on that day we throw him out and kill his entire profession.

We want to resurrect the groups and they must be competing on on nearby, continental and and global wide competitions. 

We can’t finish the communique of solving our football game without bringing up trouble to do with Football Commercialization, we really need to commercialize our game, if we are planning to prevail, all our Super League teams ought to pass for Commercialization.

Couple of years ago Nyasa Big Bullets took the initiative of commercializing their team and we’re witnessing the culmination of the initiative, They are controlling the entirety in the country, all their teams are doing top now by means of clinching each trophy on their disposal, therefore believe if any time follows that direction, we can have a competitive sport, and players may be working hard and that could gain our National team.

There are many extra points I may want to have narrated however those are simplest few of them I thought i need to articulate pertaining our football sport which is going down every unmarried day.