Where on your beautiful lips a smile lay, Now sullen and distant.

The elusiveness with which it came – it left, leaving only a memory.

 The strangeness which was our friendship now but tatters lying on the floor, vanished leaving no trace but memories still alive in my eye.

 It departed as it had come, an unlikely alliance, surprising to all, something only we knew, until we knew it no more.

Can I go back with a wrench in hand? Is it possible to fix the brokenness of us?

 I will never forget you, the times of wonder lived. 

I will hold onto you like water in my hand,

An impossible dream

that only we understood, until it trickled through my fingers, leaving only this void, this empty state.

Our friendship is now lost, that joy in my heart now a barren place, a rocky terrain where no water flows, leaving a coldness, and loneliness that can not be replaced. 

Nor would I want it to be. What we had was ours, a special thing that only we felt, that only we knew, until the feelings were no more, Gone as they had come,

with no reason other than what we had felt, a warmth that had lived in our hearts.