Summer yadi summer, summer yomuthi just to name a few phrases of a South African summer.

The blazing hot sun, clear skies, ohhh the thunders that come with the rain then leaves a few moments after, it leaves the warmth and what l call the rainbow of hope.

Lalela, listen let me tell you about the magic of South African summer, it’s a summer like no other.

Buckets of water, water balloons, hose pipes, all being poured from one person to the next. Running away from water at this corner and it welcomes you on another corner. Ke summer time afterall, that’s how we welcome summer emzansi.

Umkhulu taking out his morning paper to read with a glass of one cold one on the other hand, kuse mzansi LA…

The magic happens l mean festivities in all corners of the 9 provinces. The smell of braaied meat, iskopo boiling in the pots. Arg, what’s a South African summer without some of the jolly music.

Let’s take a short left to Ekasi where it is hip and happening. In South Africa summer is so important we even buy new clothes for it l tell you.

What would a summer be without diyaparo, I mean new clothes.

Ekasi where the music blasts, it is summer after all. The streets filled with people running around playing soccer, one Pali is what is being played, Mukuku on the other side is also played hahaha l tell you the magic of a South African summer. Aiii suka you just have to take the short left to Ekasi to experience this. Where amapatsula are doing their dances like no other.

Worry not if you are into agriculture emzansi we cater for all. Asithi shwiii on another short left to the villages, where we watch the sunrise and the sunset right under our noses.

Where we prove geography right that summer has longer days and shorter nights.

Preparing our hoes and tractors for we know the rains are coming. Ugogo checking her fertilizers and seeds Ahh we are ready to head to the fields and start with the farming kuse Mzansi LA… It is the farming season afterall

The magic of a South African summer.