We used to live better lives until Eskom introduced us to this load-shedding thing. I can’t help but think of the sister who worked hard to start a laundry business in her Kasi. When the electricity goes off, she should close her business because she doesn’t have backup power (she can’t afford it).

I think of Tshepo, who rented a space for his Salon. At month’s end, he won’t be able to afford to pay rent, let alone the lady who assists him. Then there’s the owner of the spot where Thabo, “The Kota King”, bought his Kota from. The business cannot meet its daily sales target because of electricity.

I think of Reggie, who, after many years of looking for a job, decided to start his car wash. He washes one car instead of 10 a day because when there’s a power cut, he can’t use his equipment as it needs electricity.

The funny part is I also think of that voter who doesn’t want change even if they can see that our beloved South Africa is on its knees. I’m afraid these small businesses might close because of constant and consistent load shedding.