What can we deduce from this statement? Money is used to bring about goods and services for survival purposes. In other words, money evolves around the world which makes it a vital importance among humans. People have different views about the idea of money. Some think of it as the root of evil and some as a piece of paper sent by the gods to satisfy their needs.

Money has the power to control a human being. People have the tendency to spend their money unnecessarily which leads to consequences in future. For instance, during the festive season, people tend to spend all of their money like no body’s business which results to diresome consequences in the following month.

In addition, some women tend to be reliant upon men for their hard earn money to satisfy themselves, forgetting their independence among themselves. It becomes pitiful to be controlled by a piece of paper that has no human characteristics whatsoever.

Money isn’t all that bad. Think of it as a lion. If u nurture it with love and care, it will do the same. With money of course you could buy whatever you desire depending on the amount in your pocket . However, money can’t buy the warmth of your loved ones as they can’t be replaced by a piece of paper.

In a nutshell, money can’t always satisfy ones needs and is not always the source of love and happiness.