One of the most important things I always want to pursue is making my mom proud. I always believed that each and everyone of us is having the same dream, but unfortunately that seem to be most unlikely. I thought it out the when I heard about the boy who has just killed her mother recently. It’s so sad and unexpected but things were all meant to happen. I always believed that everything that is of nature can perform or change from both negative or positive.

This one here was for me writing about my mom and a bit of something we can all relate to, but the story caught very much of my attention. We live in so many different situations and families living different lives, which makes us behave and live in different ways whether bad or good. From good or bad it doesn’t change how we feel or how we all relate to the truth or how we should see or treat one another. For me no one would ever do bad his mother or anyone whom he or she loves most with all his intentions. Situations does and they always good in taking matters to their hands which are of anger, feelings, hunger, e.t.c .

We live in a very hard to live place which is earth, where every good is for a short while but bad or sad is for long. We misbehave and turn to let go of what we believe is right and what we know naturally or what we been taught when things were still good or what our parents or grandparents or whoever did when such was not on hand. When life changes or things we thought would never happen does we act surprised and innocent. I still believe that there’s still a lot to come, and this reminds of a book I rad when I was doing grade 12 “Pedestrian” in thousands or hundred years to come we will be living with creatures or even having things we thought were impossible to live, the good and the bad. I think it’s time we get used to it or try to normalize it whilst it’s still time. There’s stories we told by our grandparents in the old days that does tell us how the world is changing by time , and it simply tells that we do got the knowledge of what exactly we should be expecting and that simply means that we are not far from changing the way we live and able to fight what we are facing right now which could kill our future generat ` ion .