IF YOU DON’T STAY BITTER FOR TOO LONG I’ll share with you the success of today. As I reach out to you I’m reminded of your tasteful timeless ways hidden in the days of our lives.

Marked by our intentions to freeze time and levitate to heights only you and I can bear and imagine.

The best feeling comes when you are no longer bitter but better and being integrally interwoven there’s no you, no me there’s only we.

As we mark our space in time and resurrect our ancient spirits trapped in a momentum capsule of love. A resurgence of love resuscitated you to the level of pandemonium. But you need to calm down and let go of poignant memories sold by drive-by paperweight porters cause the love I have for you is more than the stretch of your imagination and sharper than cupid’s arrow. But if only you don’t stay bitter for too long we might succeed.