I grew up In a loving family. Most people in our family (extended family) used to admire my family and they really wished to be like us because to them we always got what we wanted. They would see us eating nice food, from breakfast to supper ..My cousin said that he wishes to be one of us, whilst he was visiting my uncle’s home . He would say that he was tired of eating pap and chicken or a dry bread with tea. Now everything so suddenly changed, it’s us who always worry about what we are going to eat , wow dad left us because their(mom and dad’s) marriage never worked. I mean who would’ve thought that after 12 years of marriage, they would divorce. As I was growing up I loved dad more than Mom I was a dad’s girl and people used to say that we look alike but now I hate him because he isn’t there anymore and I needed him when I was going through the most. Right now I have accepted that life without him is still life and I will continue to life my life without even having to worry because he was so controlling