Julia was a very young girl born in 1973 in a small village in the Gaza Province of Mozambique. She came from a very poor family where her parents worked hard to provide for them. Julia was the eldest daughter. Her parents instilled in her a strong workethic and belief in the importance of education.

Julia did attend school but she was not able to complete her education at the age of 12, she had to leave in order to provide for the family. They lived in a small hut made of mud and thatch and they didn’t have any running water nor electricity. They grew their own food and lived off the land. They often struggled to make ends meet and there were times where they didn’t have enough to eat. However they were a close knit family who loved and supported each other.

Growing up Julia and her family didn’t have much money so she didn’t have many clothes. She often wore hand me downs from her older brothers. When she was a child she used to wear simple dresses. As she got older , she started to sew her own clothes using fabric she bought at the markets. She developed a love of fashion and began to express herself through fashion. When Julia left school, she began working as a housekeeper for a wealthy family. The family lived in a large house in Maputo the capital city of Mozambique. She was grateful for the opportunity because she earned money to help her family. Even though she worked long hours.

Julia was 17 years when she lost her father. It was a difficult time for them because her father was the main breadwinner. A few years later, Julia’s mother became very ill and died. It was so difficult for them to become orphans at such a young age. Julia continued to work hard. After the death, they moved in with their grandma, know as Nana was a strong and loving presence in their lives. She helped to raise them with a sense of stability and comfort. Julia was very close to Nana but when Julia was 25 years, Nana died.

Julia always dreamt to be a farmer. After saving up money from her housekeeping jobs, she started her own small business based on fashion which became famous. Julia’s purchases of a small piece of land was the beginning of her dream to own a farm. In the following purchase, she worked hard to develop the land and make it suitable for farming. Her businesses became successful and she is now an entrepreneur and a role model of many women.