We would stare at the purple night sky. The chilly breeze was comforting to me. She always thought I was insane. Every chance I got, I took her out to the cliff and laid a blanket out near the parking spot. I would usually order her favorite food, set out a bouquet of her favorite flowers and set a playlist for the night. We would sit, sometimes in silence or in deep conversation, then stare at the sunset.

The sky, in a perfect orange-purple hue, calmed us both and we would sometimes forget our problems. The world was a crazy thing. We lived in different one’s for that matter. Both of us would be pulled in different directions and she would sometimes growl and I would sometimes drink too much and slur but we would still find ourselves in each others arms. She would look into my eyes and tell me she loves me and I would get butterflies. She would gently brush my cheeks and firmly squeeze my hands before I left, to reassure me she is still here.

Oh, her jasmine incense would knock me out to a peaceful sleep and in the morning, I would wake up with her leg on top of mine and her hair in a mess. Her skin smelled like cocoa butter, sometimes vanilla, but I loved it anyway. She would always laugh and squirm after realizing how loud she was and how she sounded very much like a hyena. I really loved her.

She always had a calming aura, even in the worst situation, her presence would ground me and I would just feel at ease. She did weird things though, like randomly panic at the store and lash out at me for little things. She was ultimately drained and I understood, I stayed patient after all. She would sometimes cry and beat herself up for treating me badly, but I always told her to chill, my love for her was too strong so I mostly overlooked these things. I remember when we went out to her favorite food spot and it was raining.

She ran out of the car, got food and came back wet. I laughed at her, she could’ve just took an umbrella. When we got home, we sat near the fireplace and her cold body and wet hair pressed against me. She fell asleep in her arms and she looked so beautiful. I loved it when she would snore a little, then stop then continue. Sometimes she would sit and watch movies late at night, then sleep on the couch, leaving me alone in bed.

Every time when I woke up and she wasn’t there, I would freak out a little bit. It’s funny because she never got why I would freak out, I had become used to her routines anyway. Sometimes we would sit in the garden, drinking tea and she would watch me draw. She was the muse to all my pieces. My love for her ran deeper than anything. Even she knows it.