During sex, instant lubrication might be required for penetration, and the only option might be saliva.
But it is also vital during oral sex; the whole point of oral sex is the mouth (containing saliva) making contact with the vagina, but is it healthy?
Why should we care?
Doctors and health experts say that there is an increase in fungal and bacterial infections in women’s vaginas because of saliva.
Doctors say that humans have a lot of bacteria in their mouths called oral microflora, which harms the vagina.
Those giving head or oral pleasure to women are at risk because the vagina has a bacterium called lactobacillus and candida Albicans which are good bacteria for the vagina. Still, they shouldnā€™t be found in the mouth.
Men could also get herpes, gonorrhoea, and syphilis from giving women oral sex, while women can cause bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection from using saliva as lubrication.
Additional information
Is saliva a good lubricant?
One of the worst lubricants you can use is saliva. Why is this?
It dries too quickly, so it hardly lubricates.
It can cause tears in the vagina because of forceful entry.
It can cause the vagina to have a horrible smell and discharge if the person has a mouth odour.
STIs are transmitted to and from the mouth.
If couples want lubrication, they can use foreplay or buy store-bought lubricant.