It’s a Sunday morning, I’m listening to the love ballads. I’m having a glass of wine, with a burning cigarette on my two fingers on my right hand. All the songs that are playing can’t seem to get words right, they can’t seem to get the feeling right. All I do is to inhale the smoke of the burning cigarette, and I keep on having flash backs of the good memories we had!

I have lost control of my life. The feelings have grown stronger and they have rejuvenated their route in my heart. It seems like you don’t see that nor feel it, because it’s only happening to me. I even smile when I hear your favourite morning bird sing! I’m so sorry that I’ve gone this far proving my love to you, for making sure that you don’t feel lonely. For being there for you when you needed me. I think my love for you has become an obsession.

I’m thinking about you throughout day and night. I miss how we used to be, we would talk day and night claiming it’s forever. Every time when someone is listening to “sete” song, tears just roll down my face like a tree leaf rolling down from a three to the ground. I feel like someone is holding my heart and squeezing every drops.

I can’t breathe it’s like I’m beneath the water! The only songs that keeps me going is “Kuhle emoyeni wam” by Nomfundo Moh and “let her “by passenger. My heart is damn in love with you and I also don’t want to lose you.