I still see freedom as a nightmare in our country, hearing and reading about racism taking place at some South African institutions makes me realise that freedom is still miles away.

I asked myself what toxic did parents feed their children? In Africanism when a child does something we look behind the child the hands that raise the child, it simply means that whatever a child does is the product/ output of what parents had installed.

We are just like water and oil that are mixed up, you can pour them into one container but you will find oil floating above water even though they are all in liquid form. I have been travelling around provinces, I had learnt the way our different tribes treat each other, you will find adults people using provoking words that could lead to war if they fell on wrong ears.

I am begging you, good people, with my heart, please let us all stop using provoking words, let us treat all people equally. Could we please also preach humanity that would unite us as one nation.