I was only 14 attending the high school of my dreams, when I was a victim of harassment and bulling. I had a group of friends but I knew only one out of five was a true friend. One of them was Satan himself. We live from separate villages but they ain’t far from each other. But believe me, she made me feel less of a human. By then she thought she was a million times better than me. She use to call me by all sort of embarrassing names.

Everytime when I try to say something she’d interfere and call me a liar. She’d make fun of me in front of the whole class then everyone would find it very funny, and tears from my eyes would fall as a sign of being heartbroken. Then I finally asked my parents to take me to the nearest high school which had a low status but for the sake of my happiness it was worth it and they did. Even there I experienced bullying but it was better because I had already experienced it so I knew how to handle the pain and to try and stand up for myself.
But today when I try to recall everything the girl put me through, I smile because I wrote my matric last year and passed, but she’s still doing her matric. She use to say “Fhulufhelo doesn’t have a taste of fashion.” but I now dress up 5 times better than her. She use to say “Fhulufhelo is not clean.” but I now look 50 times prettier than her. She once said “Fhulufhelo doesn’t use common sense.” but now I got common sense 500 times better than her, in just 3 months of finishing matric I’m already a Coding/ Web development graduate and I write thousand of proms and stories that people love.

She once said “Fhulufhelo is a spoilt brat she always cries.” but now I’m 5000 times brave and stronger than her because I fight against my own challenges and cry in silent and still wear a smile on my face even when nothing is working out. She once said “Fhulufhelo won’t find love, she won’t date.” just because I refused to go after a boy’s money, but now I’m loved 50 000 better than her, I’ve been in a serious relationship for years now and my parents and his parents approved our relationship and he treats me right.

When she hurts me, she wouldn’t ever wanna apologise to me, she’d say “Fhulufhelo is still to young she knows nothing.” but now I know 500 000 times better than I last knew that is why I now know she hurt me out of jealousy and tryna make herself the popular kid by bullying me. She’d separated me from my every friend and she’d say “Fhulufhelo is not a true friend and she won’t ever find one.” But now I’ve found a friend who’s 5 000 000 better than all those friends, and that is me. I’ve been my own best friend since then until now. I can’t remember myself calling anyone a friend because I see the friend I need in me.

Some of the things are just not worth being forgiven for, but if you see her tell her I miss her, and don’t forget to mention that I love her because she made me grow even when I wasn’t ready. Her hatred towards me made me a solid person that I am today. She destroyed my confidence but I fought back till I regained it again. So tell her not to ever forget me because she played a big role in my life and I won’t forget her either that is why I still remember every single word she once said to me though it’s been the fifth year now.