There were goals I wanted to achieve in my life. I did set time limit for those goals. But the set time lapsed. I reset the time limit over and over again, but things just don’t happen. I don’t know how many times I gave up, then get back on my feet again. But still, things are not going my way. I was once passionate to achieve and reach those goals. Things didn’t happen as I planned.
 When you are facing this kind of situation. People tend to say ‘you are lazy, you don’t apply for jobs. Especially those who have good jobs(careers). They will tell you that there are lots of jobs out there, but they will never help you out. To be honest, I keep my distance from these kinds of people. Because I am tired of explaining to myself how things are not working out. If It was easy for them to achieve and reach their goals at an early stage. Then for me, it is not.
 I can’t rush the process to prosper, because I will end up doing things I am not supposed to do.
 Even to this very day, things are not happening for me. I always ask myself if there’s something wrong that I have done. I feel like a failure every time I look at myself. I feel like a disappointment to my children. I can’t give them the life that I always wished to give them. This situation is costing me so much in my life. My children feel like I don’t love them enough. I wish they can just open my chest to see the love I have for them in my heart. It is so hard for me to express my love for them because of my struggles. I have become a strict parent towards them because I want them to take life seriously and do better for themselves. Sometimes I am just quiet and they feel like I am ignoring or angry at them. Every day I pray that they don’t go through what I am going through.
 Guy if you feel like someone is pressuring you to change situations that you cannot change immediately. Or someone is telling you that you are lazy to look for a job. Maybe they are saying you are not passionate about your future. As for me and the peace of my mind. I keep my distance from those kinds of people. Do you know why? as long as they are not helping me to find that job, why should I keep them in my life? Remember I have tried everything to make my life better. But they just don’t understand things are not working out for me.
 I know most people work at retail shops and restaurants, and most of them they have qualifications. Don’t ever look down on yourself, you are doing a great job. For as long as you can provide for your children. It doesn’t matter if other people are looking down on you. You also earn a salary, you don’t go to their houses to ask for food.
 Only God knows when he will open the windows of heaven to bless you. Don’t ever be pressured by those who are successful before you. Your day is coming too. That pressure they put on you, is not gonna take you anywhere. It will only lead you to live fake life and you will get depression…