Hey! My name is Sindi and I’m starting a better school today! It’s a private school! It’s all thanks to my mom and dad’s hard work. They got a big promotion so I am going to a fancy school! With Rich kids! I can’t wait!!!! Especially since (not to brag) I am a very smart girl.

Monday, 6 September

I walked to school with my little brother, Themba. He walked slow and kicked stones on the way. “Walk fast Themba! We’re gonna be late for our first day!” I scolded him.

“I don’t want to go to that school with Rich and fancy kids,” he said looking down. “What? Why?” I said in shock.

“Because they’ll laugh at me because I’m not rich,” he said. “They won’t notice. Even though there’s no uniform, they’ll think we’re rich because if our new clothes, they’ll never notice,” I said trying to cheer him up.

“You promise?” He asked. “I promise,” I said. “Now let’s go, we’re going to be late,” I said.

And we walked to school. When we got there I walked him to his class and went to mine. I saw kids with branded clothes and speaking very good English. But I had a pink top and a matching skirt with pumps and my hair was braided tied into a high ponytail.

One of them noticed me.

“Hello there, what’s your name?” she said kindly. “My name is Sindi,” I said with a smile. “You must be the new girl, I’m the head prefect, it’s my duty to show you around the school,” she said.

“Okay,” I said.

“Now come on, the Bell’s about to ring,” she said.

And we walked around the school with her giving me a tour of the school. I enjoyed Laila’s company. She was a fun girl . Then we came back from the tour.

“WHY ARE YOU LATE FOR CLASS,” the teacher shouted. “I’m sorry mam, I was just showing the new girl around the school,” Laila said.

“Not you darling, that black girl!” she said.