Yes I’m broken, yes I’m depressed and yes I WISH I WAS DEAD. Stop trying to fix me this soul is beyond repair
This smile is just a mask, to hide the suffering and pain. I’m tired i sometimes when will it end, i wish i can end it. With just one rope or cut on the wrist, but where do i gather the stregnth when I’m practically broken and weak?
I curl up in a ball and cry each night, i make a small prayer that the Lord save me but i guess he never hears me from the muffled words coming out of my trembling lips
I’m angry, I’m numb or maybe its the pills i tried to overdose. I feel dizzy and unable to make movement
I don’t need no Knight in shining armour, what i need is a coffin and a funeral.
” here lies the body of Sisipho Dyontana” those words flash in my mind when i think about it, the little girl the world killed, she was so young, so innocent and precious. She never deserved the hurt brought her way, she never hurt anybody but yet everyone broke her without thinking twice.

I bet everyone would rejoice the day my heart stopped beating, what a celebration it would. A true carnival but it breaks my heart to let the world know that she’s fighting, I’m not dying. Not today and not ever. I know depression has won many times but not here, well not with my soul. I choose to live, i CHOOSE LIFE.