I’m aware of the choices, I make. I take full credit as I’m old enough, matured enough, I know the differences between right and wrong. If ever things don’t turn out the way I expect them too I’ve got myself to blame as I knew what I was doing all those choices are just based on my decisions that I did them myself knowing very well what I was doing.
The older you get, you matured, I don’t know how to compare myself to others, honestly speaking were differently I can’t even compare myself too anyone cause they is only one me probably the situations it challenges we meet could be the same but we have all get our different ways and different paths neither.
Looking away to seeing yourself as a teenager and looking at myself right now in the 20s I could say that I’ve grown, matured even the older I get I’m still growing more.
I find myself wise, careful, not wanting to find myself going with wrong flows, not wanting too see myself doing things that meant not be productive enough for me.
Remind me of my circle, now my circle is the one place in my life that I find myself carrying so much about it.
The people I surround myself with, how they are, their Behaviors as they could be impacting me or simply degrading me and influencing me to go up and down who too keep or not who I want and who not, what I realize is that I want myself more then anyone I need more the older I got the more realized that i need more of a relationship with myself and that will direct my life and how it goes from there.
Life is based on decisions, just like you could be carrying about you yourself, you know you’ve got to make sure you work clothes to cover your body that’s a decision you make to dress up in clothes you like, your comfortable with, they suite your body structure you like them and you want them ad so you decided to wear them.
You see that’s a decision you made on your own.
When you decide that you want to take care of yourself Moe so you join yourself in a gum.
That’s a decision you made yourself that you want too look good so your prepared to work harder to make sure you look the part.
Life is made on the decisions we make everyday, just like everyday, you grow, you learn as well.
Life is beautiful and their is a whole lot of life you’ve just got to make sure that your decisions, are good.
Well to impact as well.
If you want a good life you’ll instead in doing good things and not getting driven by something’s that can seem as if they good, but if you find things that take you to making wrong decisions you just insist in finding better ways on how to turn those wrong choices away into better and good decisions instead.
It’s your decision, it’s your life, what have you decided? What do you hope and intend in changing from now on? What are you hoping on doing? That could change your life I’ll be waiting to hear from you in the comment section below.
Good luck!