To my one true love heart, My love for you was plain to see, It was written all over me, Whenever you looked into my eyes and held my hand,
You told me you’ll never leave me and you’ll be with me every time I cried or was feeling low, But I’ve always cried every second of the night and you were still not here. I believed in us and thought what we had was a dream come true.
Thought our love story was like in the movies, just like Romeo and Juliet. But I guess true love doesn’t exist. I always thought that I’ll always love you till I lose my last breath. Well at least that was my wish but we both lost what we had and our hearts are still crossed.
I started hating you, I did let go of the memories we made, my love for you and forgetting you. When you hold on I let go, but you started getting attached to me and becoming more obsessed. You don’t want to let go of me because you seem to be afraid to see me with someone else hence you are holding me back.

I don’t want to look back to my past life, I don’t want to redeem the memories and promises we made because I don’t want to be hurt again, So I think it’s better to let go of what I thought was real because holding on does more damage, I hope it doesn’t end the way it was supposed to start.

I hope you find what you are looking for because what we don’t have is a second chance, I think it will be best for us if we part ways and let bygones be bygones, as we didn’t protect what we had from getting damaged, or us not appreciating what we had. So it’s better to just forget that we ever wrote our love story and met in every chapter of the book because our chance of getting back together won’t happen. 

Now I’ll be waiting for the day to come and tell you that it was you whom I wanted to be with, but I left you in my past as we were just not meant to be.