A lot of people can’t really start anywhere because of fear. You first need to learn how to conquer it.

When I had done recycling, I had to ask people for their plastic bottles and literally pick them up on the street. Recycling is a job, and it had helped me to cover my monthly expenses. Now there are some people who do not understand it. To them, you are just poor. And sometimes you will get negative responses from those who are senseless. And people are afraid to ask others for help because of negative reactions. But bear in mind that people are humans. Ask, if they are negative, walk away, you have nothing to lose. If they gossip, they are only people who simply don’t know what to do with the blessing which is time. Easier said than done. Yes, I get it, but I also went through negativity. Some men on drugs were interested in me, obviously, they thought they could do better for me. I had my own revenge. I had picked up the plastic bottles with my hair blown out and nice clothing on. Handle uncomfortable situations intellectually. Fear of people, of starting something new, losing something etc. will always be there. How you respond to it will eliminate the fear.

To be surrounded by a support system is a good way of dealing with fear. For you will always be encouraged to be your best. My friend Bradley was a blessing, he took me through the most difficult years of my life. He had always encouraged me. Believe me when I at times gave up on myself. Because of him, I had applied for a job until I got it, and further my studies. Got my drivers license and bought my own car. He had encouraged me to do me. He had built the both of us day after day. Therefore it is impressive to choose the people who support you.

I once watch the reality television show, Hoarders. It’s about people who store their belongings until there is no living space. A woman was afraid of losing her possession she had pilled up for years. After a long struggle, her daughter had persuaded her to let go of her belongings for space in her house. As the staff was packed up, a cheque was discovered. And she was under financial strain at the time. I can imagine what a relief she felt. While she was pilling up possessions she did not need, she had buried a resource she needed the most. The lesson I took was sometimes we have to let go of the safe-haven we so often create for ourselves in order to get what we really need. We need to get up, sort ourselves and live to better our situation.

You have to believe in yourself. Your strengths, abilities, gifts and goals overcome fear.