A month to rest. School holidays were the best memories that I had. Friends, family, food, I mean you get to unwind during the holidays and have fun. These holidays were different. Instead of staying at home, my dad booked the whole family a vacation to a resort named ” Bluebill Mountains. ” It looked genuine, I guessed. So, we packed our bags and headed to the resort. It was a seven hour drive. It wasn’t so boring, my siblings were all asleep and I had time to read my favourite books or novels. But something didn’t look right.

The place looked so good, white-gold ceilings, fresh red roses, the grins on the people’s places, the oh-so-luxurious rooms, beds and all, I didn’t like it. Maybe it was because I read too many novels, I thought. Or maybe it was an advertisement trick.

[ Five hours later ]

Finally, we arrived at Bluebill Mountains. I must say, I knew it. The billboards were glitching, the board that once wrote Bluebill Mountains, now wrote ‘ Blue ains.’ Everything was rusty, the voice was creaking and everything else was just so creepy and bleak. An old woman came up to us. She had a wrinkled but smiley face. She told us that her name was Jubilee, and that she wanted to help us with our bags. My dad agreed and so, she took our bags while giving us a tour guide. The rose garden was shriveled, the walls had cracks, the floors were creaking, and the hallway was filled with pictures of a fat, old man with green eyes and a thick beard. It was hella creepy. So I finally asked.

” Who is that man? What happened to this resort?”

The woman turned to look at me.

” His name was Bernard Shaw, the owner of this place. Last month, an old man to this place, tellin’ him to host a seance, cause this place is gonna crash due to all the people who died here and the unusual energies. He refused. Many people started dying here, from different causes. Some jumped off the roofs, some drowned in the pool, some got strangled by God-knows-what. I’m lucky to have survived that. So, good luck and… have a good stay. “

The woman chuckled and left us in a dusty, creaky old room with bugs and a terrible stench.

Later that day, my sister Keisha and I went to the pool, while Dad, Mom & Morel my brother were busy trying to clean the room. We were eating the snacks that we had leftover from the trip.

Me : Do you actually think that lady spoke the truth? I mean this place doesn’t look like the one we saw from the brochure.

Keisha : Like, I don’t know babes, maybe she has mental illness issues, like she’s old and all that stuff.

Keisha’s phone rang & she left me like that sitting on the edge of the pool. Suddenly, a hand covered my eyes. I immediately collapsed & fell into the pool.