When a child is born, it cries simply because life isn’t that easy, especially for a young child. Immediately when it’s accepted, it is surrounded by negativity and evil people. And as a mother and father, you, by all means, try and protect your little one. You go to spiritual people to seek help. Your job as parents is to protect your baby at all times.

Now the child grows. He starts to walk, to talk. Grows into this beautiful baby girl with cute shiny eyes. You have big afro hair and that big nose, just an innocent baby girl you love. Grows into this handsome little boy that’s very naughty, yet you love him with all eyes the same as daddy, with a cute and warm smile. Your baby is growing day by day and yearly.

Years flew by, and you’ve become a teenage parent. Now you are frustrated and worried. Frustrated cause your baby girl or boy no longer obeys your rules. You are also concerned because this world is not safe for teenagers. Nowadays, there is human trafficking, molesting of young girls, there is gender-based violence. All sorts of crimes were created for these young and high-spirited souls to traumatise and destroy their lives. Now, as a parent, it’s beyond your control. You cannot protect them. All you can do is educate them about the dangers surrounding them.

NOTICE: Parents don’t hate yourselves because of their children’s mistakes; we all make mistakes. We learn from them.