It’s started earlier this year I came across the best lectures on YouTube and they taught me how our lives started and how we became us. To be honest their sessions taught me a lot about our lives because I can explain lot’s of things that happen throughout our bodies.

In this subject, we also learnt about the people who discovered DNA and we also learnt where do we find DNA and apart from that we also learnt about genetics and inheritance as we all know that our parents pass their characteristics to us as their offsprings and we also learnt about phenotype and genotype I know most of the learners who are currently doing life sciences in grade 12 they know about this words.

When we talk about phenotype we learner are talking about your physical appearance, the way you look, the way you walk, but when we talk about genotype we are talking about genetic makeup something that is inside you.

We also learn about meiosis and mitosis and p1 parents and f1 offsprings.

According to me, I think you will never like what is inside the book before you open it. The love of this subject started after I opened the book and read it and the best platform that made me fall in love with reading is FunDza Literacy Trust.