Why me, my mother died seconds after my birth . As i grow up my grandparents hated me for what they say i killed there only daughter. My father Never loved me because he says i reminde him of my mother.

I never wanted any of this to happen or did i? I never invited my self to this world. Growing up being unwanted was very hard because it never grow up with the care a child needs.

When I was 17 years old I decided to find my on place to stay, so I looked for a small job that I could do and I found work in a small restaurant which I washed dishes,mop and make sure the char’s and tables are clean. I worked for a year the small money I had I found a small house big enough for one person.

Then I started a small restaurant myself at first it was not good but as time went by things went well and 3 years later I bought myself a good home 4 restaurant are running . What I want to say is never let anyone close your road to success. Work hard no matter were you from.