I missed all chances I had on beautiful girls I had a crush on, and I felt like a loser. My lifestyle when I was a child, growing up in a house, killed me by making me shy. Shyness is like a disease that can’t be healed by watching videos of how to stop being shy. It’s like a disease that gets stronger when you are not confident to do something in front of people.

I didn’t enjoy my childhood because of my shyness, but it gave me a chance to know people around me, those who thought they knew anything and those who didn’t know anything. Well, sometimes, I think being shy gave me fewer chances of getting opportunities. Fewer friends and teachers could rarely describe me. But shyness helped me to choose my surroundings better.

 Even at school tournaments, I couldn’t participate because of my shyness, and in class, I couldn’t answer questions even if I had a good answer, and I couldn’t ask teachers questions.