It took me a while to understand why you chose to leave me for someone else. Why you would change on me the way you did. And why every time you told me that you love me, it felt not enough. I guess it’s because you were already standing at the crossroad. With those words as a way to make me feel better. You even told me you’ll always be here for me and I should just shout when I need you. But I can’t live my life running back to you just because you told me to shout when I need you.
I used to think I wouldn’t survive without you here. Remember all those missed calls and messages I left you? Well, that was me feeling miserable without you. But I am glad you had no time to get to respond to any of that. Because today I am out here enjoying the sweetest moments and of course grateful to the universe for the chance it gave me to fall in love again. Along the way, I learnt to forgive myself for thinking that I wasn’t enough and accepted that it was fun while it lasted.
I noticed how pretty well you’re doing. I saw your new girlfriend and she’s beautiful. Between us, I understood that love it’s what we had for each other, but sadly it wasn’t enough. It sure was beautiful, but I guess beauty fades away.
At this point, it doesn’t matter how sad our love ended. Who ignored the other and who felt pain the most. It doesn’t matter how many times I cried for your love or asked you to reconsider. It doesn’t matter how hurt I was when you changed your numbers. And it doesn’t matter what will happen when we meet again. What matters is that at least we’re both happy where we’re at.