What is falling in love? A question that always pops up in my head, which I’m unable to understand nor comprehend. The term “falling in love” is just a fiction that everyone is just willing to embrace because they are scared to face reality. Do I blame them though? No, because sometimes it’s best to live in a fairytale because at least there you feel loved and most importantly you can be you, no need for pretense and fakeness. The problem with “falling in love” is that everything that falls breaks. I suggest you grow in love because everything that grows becomes strong. We as humans tend to confuse lust with love and that’s why we end up getting hurt.If being in love means you belittling me or abusing me than I’m glad I didn’t reach that stage yet. We fall to quickly in love at that is scary because in the end people use and abuse you that you end up stop believing in love which is a bad thing. There is still good people out there but because someone broke your heart you think all people are the same. So my advise to all the romantics out there is that you should never fall in love, but rather grow in love that way you’ll be able to prevent yourself from being left heartbroken.